Mystic’s Journey

Meet The Minds Crafting Digital Agency’s Journey.

In today's fast-changing digital world, where innovation is key to success, Mystic is a shining example of creativity, strategy, and technological expertise. As a top digital agency, we are committed to transforming the digital experience - one pixel at a time.
Mystic’s Advantage

We Thrive On Innovation, Continuously Pushing The Boundaries Of  What's Possible.

Innovation At The Core

We aim to simplify complex processes, enhance operational efficiency, and drive growth through our innovative software and services. By providing reliable solutions, we enable our clients to navigate the ever-changing tech landscape.

Synergistic Partners

Cultivate genuine partnerships with our clients, where we collaborate to understand your goals, challenges, and vision. We believe that by working together, we can navigate the digital landscape purposefully and accurately, bringing long-term success to both parties

Maximizing Client Value

Through continuous innovation and a deep understanding of both the industry and our clients' needs, we are dedicated to crafting unique and effective solutions that drive sustainable success and long-term growth for every business we serve."
Activity years ⎯ giving our all.
Clients ⎯ proud of our craft.
Designs ⎯ we have tackled.
Teams ⎯ love to collaborate.
Why us

We purposely maintain a small and nimble team to fully align with our partners, becoming the integrated design component of their teams.

Timeless Quality

We prioritize enduring excellence, ensuring your product embodies sophistication across all senses, seamlessly blending the physical and digital realms

Expertise and tool

You only want highly skilled professionals and cutting-edge resources for your needs. Our team of seasoned experts uses the latest design tools and techniques to deliver innovative, high-quality solutions.

Handover with care

We ensure a seamless transfer of all project deliverables. This includes the final design files, documentation, design systems, and any necessary assets. We also provide guidance on implementation and maintenance to help you take charge of the assets with complete confidence and certainty.
Head of Mystic Lab
We handle a company's entire design spectrum, all the way from the foundational design work in marketing through delightful product design and scalable systems that sustain cohesive growth.
Our core value

The Value that shape all what we do


We conduct business with honesty, transparency, and ethical behavior, building trust with our clients, maintaining confidentiality, and always acting in their best interests.


We foster a collaborative and inclusive environment, and leverage our collective strengths to achieve remarkable results.


Creativity is at the heart of everything we do. Our team continously seeks inspiration to deliver visually stunning and impactful solutions.


By actively seeking out technologies, trends, and methodologies, we create forward-thinking and future-proof designs that help our clients stand out in a competitive digital landscape.


Our attention to detail, meticulous craftsmanship, and dedication to delivering top-notch solutions ensure that we exceed our clients' expectations and deliver outstanding results.


Passion fuels our drive to create remarkable user experiences. It motivates us to go the extra mile, explore new possibilities, and create designs that inspire and resonate with users.


Our Creative Expert Team Is Poised And Prepared To Assist You.

Jason Duong
Product Designer

Damn Tien

UX/UI, Motion Designer

Dung Le

UX/UI Designer

Hieu Hoang

Product Designer

Tam Pham

Creative Direction

Jason Duong

Project Manager

Jason Duong

Project Manager

We ❤️ Startups. In partnership with the world’s most successful accelerators we’ve mentored 130+ founders


“See how our customers describe their experience or working with us.”

James Board
Founder at Halmet
We're supper happy with the collaboration, we definitely recommend Mystic Lab to anyone with any kind of Design needs”

Bill McClelland
CEO at Momentum Estimating
Mystic have not only revitalized our brand but also positioned us as industry leaders with a fresh and compelling identity. Thank you for expertise and dedication throughout this project."
Jessie Glew
Joint Director & COO
Mystic Lab took our complex real estate investment concepts and transformed them into a user-friendly website. The results were outstanding - higher conversion rates, and rapid investor growth.
Rocky Wong
Founder at MLS
Before, we lacked an online presence and needed to simplify NFT transactions. Mystic Lab delivered a unique brand, an intuitive website, and robust security.
Nam Nguyen
Founder at Maincourse
We partnered with the best, and the results speak for themselves. Their exceptional design has catapulted our brand onto the global stage. We couldn't be happier with the outcome.
03. Our partner

Brands we have delivered for

We have delivered digital products across a range of organisations and industries


And 20+ brands have grown successfully through our design and development services.