Product UX/UI Design

Hamlet SAAS

Coworking Space
6 months (2023)
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HAMLET provide flexible space operators, managers, and their members with a platform and technology that makes flexible work the way of the future.

Their vison
To build Australia’s best flexible space operations management system. They leverage technology to redefine the working environment to be a desirable place of positive experiences,  a place for connection, inspiration, and productivity.
The flexible workspace industry lacked all-encompassing platforms, leading to fragmented solutions and confusion. As the demand for flexible workspaces surged, Hamlet Co needed a scalable solution that could accommodate rapid growth. Members expected a seamless experience from booking to utilization, posing a challenge in creating a smooth journey.
Develop a user-centric platform that simplifies flexible workspace operations. Enhance member experience through streamlined booking and resource management. Optimize efficiency by automating day-to-day operational tasks.

Our Creative Expert Team Is Poised And Prepared To Assist You.

Jason Duong
Product Designer

Damn Tien

UX/UI, Motion Designer

Dung Le

UX/UI Designer

Hieu Hoang

Product Designer

Tam Pham

Creative Direction

Jason Duong

Project Manager

Jason Duong

Project Manager